About Me

Vibeke Pedersen Life Coach

Welcome! I’m Vibeke Pedersen, and my name is pronounced ‘Vee-bah-kah’. The concept of life coaching deeply resonated with me two decades ago, unveiling a path I felt inherently drawn to. Even at that early stage, I understood the necessity of embarking on my own journey of personal growth and accumulating life experiences to fully step into my role as a life coach.

Life has a way of preparing us for our calling in the most unexpected ways. My own path was no exception, weaving through a series of profound challenges that shaped me into the person I am today. From confronting and overcoming significant personal traumas to breaking free from the grip of substance abuse, each step was a lesson in resilience and transformation. I broke free from the cycle of toxic relationships and made the bold decision to leave a secure yet unfulfilling job, embracing the uncertainty that came with pursuing a life aligned with my true self.

This journey wasn’t always smooth. Admitting my mistakes and acknowledging the gap between where I was and where I wanted to be required immense courage, especially when it meant facing the judgment of those closest to me. The transformation I underwent wasn’t swift or simple; it demanded a deep introspection and a commitment to rebuild my confidence from the ground up.

Today, I stand before you not just as a life coach, but as someone who has lived through the very challenges I now help others navigate. My past, with its ups and downs, has equipped me with invaluable insights and a profound empathy for those on their own journey of self-discovery and change.

It’s an honor to work with individuals facing life’s hurdles. My background in creative problem-solving and efficiency, combined with real-life experience and a passion for coaching, allows me to offer you a unique pathway to a life filled with confidence, self-awareness, and fulfillment.



About My Coaching Style

As your coach, I blend energy healing with neuro-reprogramming techniques for a personalized approach that brings quick and enduring transformation. My coaching style is as diverse as it is dynamic, covering a spectrum from life and career coaching to empowerment and goal-setting. Here’s what you can expect:

One-on-One Attention: Each session is tailored to you, ensuring a deep, empathetic connection.

Actionable Insights: I believe in the power of ‘homework’ to reinforce our sessions and drive real change.

Goal-Focused: Together, we’ll set clear, achievable goals, paving the shortest path to your success.

Empowering Techniques: I specialize in turning limiting beliefs into empowering ones, unlocking your full potential.

Holistic Transformation: Whether it’s career changes, relationship improvements, or boosting confidence, my goal is to help you achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.

Working with me means embarking on a journey to crush your goals, break free from negative patterns, and unlock a level of confidence and motivation you may not have known was possible. Let’s transform your life together.

Here are some of my certifications: